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Place & Climate

Place & Climate

Zakynthos is the southernmost island and it is third in size and population of all the Ionian Islands. It is located 8,5 nautical miles south of Kefallonia, 9,5 miles west of the Peloponnese and approximately 300 kilometers west of the capital of Greece, Athens.

Its geographical location allows the traveler easy access to the other Ionian islands as well as to the facing coast of the Peloponnese where among others the ancient gate of Olympia is located, which in ancient times was the site of the Olympic Games. Additionally, traveling to the other large cities of Greece is easy, due to the direct lines from Zakynthos.

Zakynthos is an island full of contrasts and in large part it is mountainous, with low, piney mountains and rich plains.

In the north, east and south, there are countless picturesque beaches, while in the west, on its imposing, rocky shores, many sea caves have been created, such as the marvelous Blue Cave (Galazia Spelia) in the northwestern part of the island.

The climate in Zakynthos is mild, Mediterranean, with much rain and a lot of sunshine. The rich vegetation that the island has always had is obviously due to its climate, and explains the characterizations of the island as ‘yliessa’ and ‘the flower of the East’ (flor di Levante), given by Homer and the Venetians respectively.

Zakynthos is also an island with rich agricultural production, mainly based on the cultivation of the olive, citrus fruits and raisins, along with developed business activity, mainly in the tourism sector. The island has a rich historical tradition as for many centuries it was a crossroads for many people and civilizations.

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