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After the latest administrative reform Zakynthos is made up of six municipalities, into which the city of Zakynthos and the approximately 50 villages of its settlement, have been incorporated. The morphology of the ground and the activities of the inhabitants, have created different conditions of development from area to area. Tourist resorts have been created on the coasts, with a variety of amenities where tourists can stay. Such tourist resorts are Laganas, Argasi, Gerakas, Porto Zoro, Vasilikos, Tsilivi, Alykes, Alikanas and Keriou Lake.

Specifically, Laganas, which is located on the southeastern section of the island, is the busiest beach in Zakynthos as well as one of the most beautiful coves on the island. The large, 9-kilometer beach is considered one of the largest in Greece. This beach is ideal for the aficionados of water sports, since they can take part in these here. Still on the southeastern part of Zakynthos, Argasi is a verdant valley that winds up in the sea, on yet another beautiful beach, while Vasilikos, with houses spread out over a large area, among greenery and abundant water, fields and gardens as well as beautiful coasts is another of the island’s allures.

From Argasi, along a path parallel to the sea, one is lead to Porto Zoro, a beautiful, small beach and a little further to the beach of Gerakas, on the south easternmost point of the island. In Gerakas, the sea turtles Caretta-Caretta build their nests, and due to this fact vacationers here are subject to strict regulations. On the southernmost part of the island, Keriou lake is a beach where one can come across picturesque cafes, while small boats transport the remaining romantics in less than an hour and a half to the caves, the rocks and the coves around the cape of Marathia.

Located on the northern part of the island are Tsivili, Alykes and Alikanas. The beach of Tsivili is large and safe for small children and has golden sand and crystalline, shallow waters. Alykes is one of the most frequented resort centers offering various water sports. The beach owes its name to the salt marshes that are located behind the beach. Also, Alikanas is where Mycenaean vessels were found and which is believed to be one of the most probable locations of the ancient city of Arcadia.

The cape of Schinari is located on the northernmost part of the island while to the east of the cape the Blue caves are located, which are a series of geological formations which create a unique result. Besides the natural shields created by corrosion, these caves are also amazing for the color of their water in their deepest chambers, a deep blue color that one can enjoy in the caves mainly during the morning hours, when the light is the strongest.

One more place of interest in Zakynthos that has made the rounds on postcards which feature it every chance they get is that of the Shipwreck, on the western part of the island. Vertical rocks that stand over a rusted abandoned shipwreck in the middle of the beach with the blue Ionian Sea as a background, incite the imagination and create images of bygone days.

However, one does not visit Zakynthos solely for its beautiful beaches and its blue waters, which are a true pleasure especially during the summer months. One also visits it for its mountainous beauty or even better for the variety that it offers. Inland there are many traditional settlements and large villages which will impress you and whose inhabitants are involved in traditional cultivations (olives, raisins, vineyards and vegetables).

Katastari, the capital of Alykes and the villages of Riza are all located on the northern side of the island. Katastari is the island’s largest village and a very hospitable one as well. As one crosses through a part of the village, they follow a deserted road and suddenly come across the rest of the village, built amphitheatrically along the length of the road.

To the left of the village the mountain rises up and to the right the beautiful Bay of Alykes spreads out. Located in the center of the island are: Vanato, the capital of the municipality of Arcadion, Kalipado with a beautiful chapel, Machairado the capital of the municipality of Artemision, Sarakinado with picturesque cafes and restaurants, Pigadakia with the large church of Aghia Varvara (Saint Barbara), Skoulikado that has a tradition in folk theater and Omilies. Machairado is the second largest village in Zakynthos after Katastari. The main place of interest in this village is the church of Aghia (Saint) Mavra whose melodic bells it is said, can be heard throughout the entire island.

The mountain zone covers 40% of the island’s ground and is made up of villages and settlements with different features. To the north are Volimes, the capital of the municipality of Elation. To the west is Aghios (Saint) Leon and Koiliomenos and to the south is Keri, all villages with many elements of traditional architecture, which conserve their customs and traditions and which are visited by those who wish to get closer to the authentic traditions of Zakynthos.

In the mountainous zone there are still small villages such as Anafonitria, Maries, Kambi, Loucha, Agalas, which are surrounded by greenery and most of which have access to the enchanting western beaches.

In Zakynthos, the images are beautiful and unfold like the most beautiful scenario of your most carefree holidays. Even when the light of day ceases to reflect off of the waters of the Ionian, Zakynthos still holds new excitements for you. As the day gives way to the night, the island will reveal picturesque tavernas, quiet places to enjoy your drink as well as more enthusiastic paces in other parts of the city for those who enjoy a more intense nightlife.

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